Case Studies: Improving Management and Employee Performance

International sports leader looks to raise the standard of team culture by improving internal communications.

Course:  Managing Work Relationships with Communication Styles

How an awareness of work styles can lead to collaboration and cohesion in teams

The central theme of the Managing Work Relationships with Communication Styles program is that our behavior impacts the perceptions and reactions that other have of us.  Those reactions, in turn, form the foundation of our working relationships with others.  This session provided an opportunity for team members to learn more about how their personal style may influence their ability to work effectively and efficiently with vertical and horizontal members of their team. Through self-assessments, practical analysis and engaging interactive work place scenarios, the participant were guided by our team of facilitators through the Social Styles model to increase their awareness of their own work style, as well as, learn practical and employable techniques to collaborate and improve productivity on their teams.  Through interactive practice exercises, team members learned how versatility, along with an awareness of others' work style preferences, can lead to improved communication and increased productivity.

This workshop was attended by associate, manager and director level employees.

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Fortune 500 company's internal business strategy roll-out benefits from change management component

Course:  Managing Through the Uncertainty of Change

How communication is the key to change management.

Day One Group collaboratively designed a program with the client that focused on organizational alignment through managing transitions, improving communications and handling resistance. In three days of focused, productive training, employees were given the opportunity to learn about new policies, explore areas of uncertainty, and communicate with impact to facilitate change.

Participants were coached on leading one-on-one conversations with their staff in order to assist the transition from old to new business practices, while moving the business forward.  A major focus of the course was to help managers develop questioning and listening skills in an effort to broaden their staff’s understanding of the change agent, while assisting them in communicating a clear, succinct message on the change.  Our team of experienced facilitators guided learners through practice exercises and role playing scenarios as preparation for potentially challenging conversations. The primary objective of every session was to have the entire organization aligned and executing consistently.

This program was attended by mid-level managers.

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