Courses In Conflict Resolution

Professional Well-being

One in five of us will be affected by a stress-related illness over the next 12 months. This workshop is designed to raise awareness around the importance of professional well-being. It aims to give you the information, language and confidence to quickly recognize the early signs of pressure and what you can do to appropriately provide support and maintain resilience. In addition, the session will provide you and your coworkers with the tools to feel well-equipped and able to deal confidently, openly and proactively with the issues associated with professional wellbeing.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

What is feedback and why is it so important? Feedback is healthy communication between you and a co-worker that reinforces competence and aligns expectations. It is always aimed at a business-related goal and can be given as well as received.

Feedback is important because 50 percent of all non-performance problems occur because of lack of feedback. If done well, feedback can increase the motivation and success of the individual and the team. It supports effective behavior and puts you back on track towards successful performance. Feedback is a barometer for where you stand with your co-coworkers and can help you recognize and understand progress.

Handling Difficult Conversations

This highly interactive course builds skills and confidence in effectively managing conflict and the difficult conversations that employees and managers face daily. Participants will have the opportunity to practice successful planning for and delivery of crucial conversations. Understanding the principle causes of conflict in the workplace and how to effectively manage them is the key to effective conflict resolution. In this course, participants will identify the appropriate styles for delivering tough news and managing conflict, learn proven techniques to structure and conduct difficult conversations more effectively, and overcome the key challenges to effective communication in tense situations.

Managing Conflict

There are times when managers and supervisors experience a simple discussion suddenly turning into a heated argument that ends abruptly. Conflict erupts when two sides suddenly find themselves miles apart, taking extreme positions and unwilling to compromise their points of view. The questions most people ask are: “How do I know when I’m in conflict?”, “What can I do to avoid it?” and “How do I manage it productively?”  In this module participants will develop an understanding of what conflict is, how to deal with it and how to develop alternative, win-win solutions.