I most recently used [Day One’s] training tips in preparation for, and during, a potentially difficult conversation last week, which was ultimately quite successful.  I was so grateful to have had the notes I took from your seminar at AXA Equitable to refer back to.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great pro­gram you and Rick pre­sented. Pos­i­tive, focused, dynamic. The con­tent and meth­ods of your pro­gram were excep­tional. I am using the tech­niques daily in my prac­tice and life, and already see pos­i­tive results from reflect­ing, more con­scious lis­ten­ing, stack­ing and eye con­tact. I wasn’t poor at any of these skills before, but my biggest take­away is “Be present. It’s about them, not me.” You change us so that we can change the lives of oth­ers with our coun­sel. That is very pow­er­ful stuff.

This was probably the best professional development session I’ve ever been to. It dealt with real, major issues in a very honest/straightforward yet respectful way. Stephen was exceptionally clear and engaging in his facilitation. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone.

Wonderful– interesting and very engaging. Wasn’t sure if 8 hours of training would be bearable but it was really enjoyable. Stephen used a variety of tactics to keep interests high, such as asking for questions from the audience, making us get up and move, and doing other varied activities.

Best workshop I’ve ever been to. This wasn’t the first time the different work style categories were introduced to me in a workshop, but Stephen and his team made it so much more relevant and easy to understand. They did an excellent job of facilitating a difficult conversation. Very, very, very well done. I’m not the only one who can say this, but I’ve already recommended the materials and concepts to three friends outside of work. This is a testament to how clearly the trainers explained the information and how practical he made the information feel.

Not only is this applicable to the workplace, but to life as communicating effectively is an often overlooked key to every relationship out there. Stephen (Giordano) and his team made it personal, genuine, interactive, fun, and engaging.