Courses In Performance

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals is a half day workshop that provides an overview to project management for those tasked with managing multiple projects, leading project teams, and engaging with key stakeholders without a Project Management Certification.  This half day workshop is highly interactive and builds the skills needed to easily manage multiple projects and work streams.

Project Management Fundamentals provides participants with an overview of the project management process and its benefits.  We will review the vocabulary and terminology used in project management as well as define the roles within a project team.  We’ll discuss the characteristics of a successful project, review the major aspects of project initiation, examine ongoing project management, and learn how to close a project successfully.  To conclude, the participants will work on a case study to apply the strategies learned and get peer feedback on their approach.

Professional Well-being

One in five of us will be affected by a stress-related illness over the next 12 months. This workshop is designed to raise awareness around the importance of professional well-being. It aims to give you the information, language and confidence to quickly recognize the early signs of pressure and what you can do to appropriately provide support and maintain resilience. In addition, the session will provide you and your coworkers with the tools to feel well-equipped and able to deal confidently, openly and proactively with the issues associated with professional wellbeing.

Leading High-Performing Teams

There is a significant difference between working “in” the team and working “on” the team. While it is important for leaders to be keenly aware of how work happens and that individuals are working collectively, it is critical for those leaders to be able to tap into potential to accelerate impact and excellence.  
This program will explore the complexities of internal and external team dynamics and identify proven approaches for successfully leading high-performing teams. It offers an assessment of team health and an analysis of the key elements of high performing teams: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

Leading with Executive Presence

Executive Presence sums up the impression you make on others and how that impression can help or hinder your ability to get work done. Executive Presence isn’t something you “do” it is a perception that others hold of you, and that perception is a direct consequence of your ability to:

  • Speak strategically and articulate vision
  • Influence stakeholders and lead decision making
  • Display versatility in formal communication contexts (meetings, presentations, etc.)

This two-day workshop provides participants with the opportunity to practice the mindsets and behaviors that effectively create executive presence. They will learn how competence, image, presentation and feedback affect versatility, a key ingredient for presence, while refining the steps to effectuate maximum influence as executive.

Building Successful Leaders

Individuals who have the responsibility for managing, supervising or leading others need an essential set of skills. These skills allow leaders to effectively and appropriately respond to the performance challenges which are inevitable to anyone in a position of leadership. Not only are these skills invaluable in leading others, they allow leaders to harness important energy necessary in dealing with customers and achieve high organizational standards. This course helps individuals master these core skills, he or she is able to lead employees, peers, superiors, vendors and customers with success.