Courses In Training

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals is a half day workshop that provides an overview to project management for those tasked with managing multiple projects, leading project teams, and engaging with key stakeholders without a Project Management Certification.  This half day workshop is highly interactive and builds the skills needed to easily manage multiple projects and work streams.

Project Management Fundamentals provides participants with an overview of the project management process and its benefits.  We will review the vocabulary and terminology used in project management as well as define the roles within a project team.  We’ll discuss the characteristics of a successful project, review the major aspects of project initiation, examine ongoing project management, and learn how to close a project successfully.  To conclude, the participants will work on a case study to apply the strategies learned and get peer feedback on their approach.

Presentation Skills

In today’s fast-paced corporate environments, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of communicating with senior management. How you communicate – how clear, succinct and organized you are in meetings, when you give presentations, and even impromptu – can have an impact on how you are perceived. Your effectiveness, reputation, and the quality of the results you produce can be impacted, for good or ill, by the clarity of your presentation. Participants learn how to prepare, organize and deliver a message “on the fly” as well as in more formal settings, including practice in front of the group.

Handling Difficult Conversations

This highly interactive course builds skills and confidence in effectively managing conflict and the difficult conversations that employees and managers face daily. Participants will have the opportunity to practice successful planning for and delivery of crucial conversations. Understanding the principle causes of conflict in the workplace and how to effectively manage them is the key to effective conflict resolution. In this course, participants will identify the appropriate styles for delivering tough news and managing conflict, learn proven techniques to structure and conduct difficult conversations more effectively, and overcome the key challenges to effective communication in tense situations.

Managing Client Relationships

Building effective business relationships is the key to selling success. Seasoned salespeople know this. This workshop for salespeople and/or relationship managers focuses on creating long-lasting client relationships using professional selling skills.

Salespeople are shown how to develop winning sales strategies through: Establishing Credibility and Trust, Identifying Customer Needs, Presenting Solutions, Closing Sales and Following Up. They will also learn how to incorporate communication skills to support them in accurately uncovering needs, getting clients involved, handling objections and building commitment.