Timely Offerings for the Changing Work Environment

Resiliency and Working in Uncertain Times

In today’s business world, change is constant. With the added complexity of leading a dispersed team, leaders face a sense of urgency to adapt and adjust in real time to keep their teams agile, productive, and resilient. This webinar provides participants tools on how to manage mindset while managing ambiguity, communicate change in a way that engages the team, and carve out time to think strategically.

Maximizing Motivation for Remote Employees

By focusing on being grounded and emotionally present while making important decisions in times of stressful change, this course provides the learnings necessary to increase a business professional’s capacity to engage others, thus elevating individual ownership and enthusiasm for organizational goals and team performance. It’s about keeping team members productive, involved, and connected to their team, manager, and larger organization.

Empathetic Leadership

Leadership in today’s business world has taken on new meaning and more responsibility. Not only must a good leader manage well, but a good leader must be constantly reading the team and organizational environment for signs of stress, disengagement, and well-being. Recent studies have shown that 89% of employees in 2021 feel their workplace well-being has declined due to increased job demands and struggles of losing connection. This course focuses on the Pillars of Inclusion: fairness, honesty, and respect as necessary lenses for meeting and addressing the diverse needs of employees, teams and organizations.

Expanding Your Influence – Up, Down & Across

This course will focus on how to intentionally develop your relationships with your manager and other team leaders, as well as how to bolster your influencing skills as you guide peers and effectively delegate cross functionally or to direct reports. Expanding your influence explores the foundations of building trust, maintaining strong communication, and creating impact related to all managing all levels of interaction within an organization.

Managing Remote Teams

Develop a simple, practical approach to maximizing the performance and engagement of remote teams. Managers will learn how to proactively share feedback virtually, communicate effectively, and create accountability across remote teams.  We will review best practices in using technology to enhance team dynamics and tips to circumvent the challenges that arise with virtual teams.

Prioritization and Delegation

Managing others requires a balance of time management combined with prioritization and delegation of strategic initiatives and daily tasks. As a manager, you need to be accessible and responsive to countless tasks, requests, and interactions with colleagues, stakeholders, and management. At the same time, you must be innovative and forward-thinking. This course guides participants through a process of moving away from limiting management routines and towards strategic planning. Learn to be more productive and get greater results from your team by developing habits to prioritize key initiatives, stay on task with your schedule, and delegate the tasks you have in mind for other team members.

Finding Balance in a Crisis

Living and working through a crisis can cause ebbs and flows in our focus, productivity, connectivity, and performance. This webinar offers simple steps to promote wellness, both professionally and personally, during this time of stress and change.  Participants will learn tips for maintaining a work-life balance, renewing resiliency, and finding clarity for overall mental health.

How to Stay Engaged While Working Remotely

Developing a strategy to connect to your manager and team ensures engagement when working remotely. This webinar offers practical tips to add greater meaning and personal fulfillment to your role as virtual team member. Participants will learn key strategies to effectively plan and manage their time, remain productive and create a remote work environment that maintains healthy engagement with their teams.

Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

When your workforce is not co-located, virtual meetings are a critical way to stay connected and aligned. If individuals spend as much as 50% of their time either conducting or attending meetings, it’s important that people who facilitate virtual meetings effectively maximize the investment of time. This webinar provides participants with the meeting management skills to run effective, dynamic, and action-oriented web-based meetings.

Your Wellness: Managing Stress and Increasing Mindfulness

This wellness course gives participants easy strategies to effectively manage stress and the pressures found in everyday work life. The psychological process of mindfulness is explored, and participants learn to improve their ability to focus in the present moment and observe experiences from a distance without judgment. Uncovering the impact of stress, participants learn to identify the turning point when positive momentum turns into negative stress, adversely impacting effectiveness. We will also explore communication strategies for letting others know when you are under stress and need perspective on key priorities.

Expanding Your Network with Intention

You may have hundreds of connections on LinkedIn, but are you building your professional network with intention? Any kind of networking can enrich your personal and professional life, but when done right, actively seeking out connections and managing those relationships require forethought and a plan. This course focuses on the why and the how of creating and expanding your network in the hybrid work environment to reap long-term career benefits.

Project Management in a Virtual Environment

Keeping projects on track in a virtual environment requires clear planning, proactive communication, and simple strategies to monitor progress and respond to change requests quickly. This webinar will introduce the 6 Steps of Project Management model, review the three key skills needed to lead successful projects, and provide an overview on communicating with stakeholders to keep projects moving forward.

Proactive Client Communications (Note: Both client-facing professionals as well as those managing internal stakeholders would benefit from this course.)

In times of uncertainty, proactive, thoughtful communication can set you apart from the crowd. This web-based course details how to establish credibility and trust, identify client needs, offer updates and solutions, and close deals when times are challenging. When plans start to go awry or resources are shifting, how do you reach out to clients and communicate effectively so that they remain committed? Learn to proactively stay in touch, keep clients engaged, ease concerns, and provide updates on what you are working on.


Virtual Coaching Options

As leaders, business managers and employees transition to working virtually, they are faced with a constantly shifting landscape of expectations and deliverables. From learning to stay connected to remote teams to budgeting time for individual projects to managing the stress of a volatile marketplace, your people need support.  Our ‘just in time’ coaching provides support in a simple and effective way.

Day One Group’s Virtual “Accelerator” Coaching Sessions are a flexible option to meet your coaching needs. Ranging in duration from 30-minute check-ins to 1-hour coaching sessions, this flexible solution can be customized based on client needs.