Day One Group Videos

Training in Action

Day One Group in the Classroom: Feedback Activity

Our course on Giving Effective Feedback for Managers starts off with a challenging and fun game to set the stage for authentic conversations and meaningful discussions. In this clip, participants are doing a blind stack of sugar cubes with only verbal cues from their partners. The key is to listen and collaborate for team success. After we tally the scores, the builders give feedback to their partners on what worked and what didn’t work, as well as what they would like to see change for the next round. Will the scores improve after a thoughtful and action-specific exchange?

Day One Group in the Classroom:
Opening a Meeting and Introducing Yourself

Day One Group trainings incorporate role plays to bolster learning and provide invaluable modeling and practice for participants. In this video, we demonstrate how advisors in a financial services firm can effectively open a client meeting and position themselves as trusted advisors. Mastering the critical components of client meetings is a proactive step in convincing clients to invest their time and assets.

Communication Styles in the Workplace

ineffective Before – Driver Frustration

Effective After: Versatile Amiable

Adapting to a Driver’s workstyle

Drivers are results-oriented, so don’t waste their time! Be specific with deliverables and action steps when updating a Driver about a project’s progress. Knowing your Communication Style, as well as the styles of your workmates, can improve your work relationships and increase efficiency on teams.

Ineffective Before – Analytical Tension

Effective After – Expressive Flex

Adapting to an Analytical’s workstyle

Analyticals need the facts and time to process information. If you’re an Expressive, slow down your pace and provide the details if you want to get buy-in from an Analytical. Notice how our Expresssive presenter shifts his approach in the second video to finesse “the ask” and get a yes.